The Life of Molly

Picture Molly

Anyone who truly knows me knows Molly.  She’s more than a great dog, she’s my identity.  Inseparable throughout 15 monumental years, Molly’s amazing life story is also a Pye family biography.

‘Neath the stars of an old farmhouse/bachelor pad, Molly joined me on the front porch as I quietly confided to my dog that I was starting to fall in love with that girl we met on the river. Molly and I fished and camped together on dozens of rivers and lakes. During grouse season, Molly took me to incredible hunting grounds where, years later, we would actually own the nearby acreage. Molly travelled with me on business trips and hung out with kids at the very first OFAH Get Outdoors Summer Camp. She delivered nine beautiful puppies right next to my bed. Later, Molly proudly welcomed home two more babies and she was there to make sure our boys made it safely to a brand new home. Indeed, from the moment Cathy and I met along the Indian River, to the day we moved our family into our dream home on Pye Acres, Molly was there.

On October 26, we said goodbye to Molly. She lived an incredible life. She now rests beside her son, Bert, who we buried on the day we promised to build a home on the hill that overlooks him and Molly. Keeping watch over them is Bella, Bert’s sister/Molly’s daughter who, at ten years old, makes sure that our local grouse population doesn’t go un-hunted.

A house is not a home without the love of a dog.  I’m proud to announce that our home is about to shine even brighter. A new English Setter puppy is coming this spring! With blood lines connected to Bert and Bella, our new English Setter will be born on January 6 at Kendal Hills Kennels. We can’t wait to welcome a new dog to the Pye Family – a family that was lovingly founded in the Life of Molly.

We love you, Molly.

Molly IMG_00000560_edit

IM002987 Tireddogs

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In the Garden of Weeden

How does our garden grow? Apparently, really, really FAST!!!

When you take a historic cow paddock and churn it into a vegetable garden, 100 years of manure-rich soil is ready to grow — FAST! A super-soaked spring is also credit to our overnight gardening success. Green thumbs-up to Cathy! She’s the one braving evening clouds of wasp-sized mosquitoes to tend the garden. Because the garden is not going to weed itself, I’m making a hardware store stop on the way home to buy a claw hoe.  Confession that I’m excited about acquiring a new garden tool quietly indicates my enjoyment of this new outdoor hobby. Yes, gardening is fun but I’m still preoccupied thinking about growing meat vs. veggies. It’s going to be a bumper crop for crab apples this year, and the deer love them. Venison chops are going to be tasty next to our garden fresh carrots and spuds.


Not only is our garden growing, so are the boys!