Construction – Day 21

Cathy is checking out the view from the dining room.

Cathy is checking out the view from the dining room.

Besides the completed framing of our east and west walls, DAY 21 represents some other noteworthy milestones: 1.) Charlie graduated from Junior Kindergarten, 2.) Jack was promoted to the Preschool room, 3.) The deed to our chalet and 28 acres was officially bestowed upon its new owner, and 4.) The Pye Acres Blog cracked 1,000 visitors. Let’s raise a pint to the most important occasion of all… Cheers to the long weekend. Happy Canada Day and Merry Independence Day, too.


Molly's first grand tour of her new home.

Molly’s first grand tour of her new home.


Moving Day!

So long to our Little Chalet in the Woods! Here’s to 10 years of life changing memories.

On Day 20, walls were being built on our new home as rooms were being emptied on our old. Despite the heavy lifting, “Moving Day” required more emotional strength than physical. I make no apologies for being sentimental. Those empty rooms are packed full of memories. The echo of a belonging-free home is totally unnatural for a place that knows the warm sounds of children’s laughter, the bark and pitter-patter of English Setters and the adult voices of pride & determination. While there are lots of memories to create 3 miles up the road on Pye Acres, our little Chalet in the woods will always be home to 10 years of our most profound life changing events. I can take you to the spot on the trail where, over 8 years ago, Cathy and I stopped cutting firewood to talk about the future.  I told her that after my truck gets paid off I could put that money toward an engagement ring or an ATV. She replied, “Rob, we’re not going to get this chord of wood back up to the house with a ring… buy the ATV.” With an answer like that, is it any wonder that a month later she had both. If I could have any 6 weeks of life back, it would be 6-weeks to relive with Molly and the 9 puppies (including Bert, rest his incredible soul) that she delivered in our bedroom. And, by far, the most important memories of our Little Chalet in the Woods are of the days we walked in the door with Charlie and Jack.

Walls being built on the new as rooms were being emptied on the old.


Prinston Homes Crew

Meet the Prinston Homes Crew


Construction – Day 19

Walk off into the sunset without leaving the house

Walk off into the sunset without leaving the house

Pretending I just stood up from the dining room table, I walked past Cathy’s island, across the great room, underneath my 11-pointer, up the hall and into the dusk-lit horizon. Sunsets have a powerful way of making life so precisely clear, including a floor plan only on paper but constantly on our minds. My journey toward the sun stopped in Charlie’s room. It would have been a hell of a drop had I kept on going. The sub-floor feels great under my feet, and even better over my head when I’m pretending there’s a basement poker game going with family and friends. Full House, Gentlemen!! Bring it on. Literally.


Construction – Day 18

Great to have Dad & Shirley visit the jobsite. Their spare BR will be ready before the deer hunt.

Great to have Dad & Shirley visit the jobsite. Their spare BR will be ready before the deer hunt.

We got our first taste of the main floor view and altitude as our toes hung over the sub-floor edge. No time for sight-seeing though. We’re into the final stretch of packing and getting ready to move into our temporary home away from current home & home under construction. Only 2 more sleeps and the keys for the little chalet and 28 acres that we’ve called home (for 9 years and 11 months) gets handed over to its new owner. I guess this is the bitter reality of pursuing a sweet dream. It’s gonna be tough to say goodbye to our first home.



Well, well, well!!

Little Timmy's worst nightmare

Little Timmy’s worst nightmare

Little did we know that beneath the apple tree branches we climbed last fall was Little Timmy’s worst nightmare.

Over the years, the tall grass did a good job of hiding it. Luckily, when the snow melted, Cathy took a notion to pull back some conspicuously placed cedar rails. There it was…

A dangerously deep-dug handmade well with strategically stacked stones. What a stunning legacy of farm life, hard work and craftsmanship. It was amazing to see, nerve wreaking to keep. Not wanting to risk our future to hold onto the past, we decided to say “farewell well.” The well is now well covered.

I’m glad we had this pause between Day 17 and Day 18 giving a chance to revisit Day 1 and Blog about this fascinating find on Pye Acres.

Don’t worry. Construction blogging continues on June 26 because the sub-floor sheathing was rescheduled yesterday at the last minute. However, yesterday saw plenty of construction activity involving cell phones and calculators vs. hammers and nails. All essential tools of the trade!

Pye acres didn’t get construction attention on Monday but its Blog sure did. Thanks to Rachel Chatten for assisting with our Blog’s new make-over.

Bert would be proud.


Construction – Day 17

Ready for sheathing

Ready for sheathing

It’s Bass Fishing Eve, and I’m blogging from the Havelock Drive-In Theatre. Seriously. The kids are enjoying Madagascar III while I’m enjoying Day 17 photos. Today, the Prinston Homes crew got the floor joists all lined up for a blanket of ply. Every new stage of Pye home progress just gets us ridiculously excited for the next. Good luck flipping those bass holes tomorrow. I said bass.

Construction – Day 16

There IS a treasure at the end of every rainbow

If you have ever wondered what is at the end of the rainbow, look no further than Day 16 of our Blog.

Tonight I celebrated summer solstice with a colourful skyline and a completely framed basement. Both are beautiful sights. Now the framing focus comes upstairs with the construction of our sub-floor. I can’t wait to take my first walk across the plywood.